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  1. Adam2k90

    iPhone 5 keeps switching randomly between audible and silent

    Hello, My iPhone 5 keeps randomly switching between silent and audible. Basically I will be using the phone and the silent pop up will keep appearing then disappearing with no physical print whatsoever. I have restored to backup and also restored completely but neither seems to work. Obviously...
  2. Adam2k90

    Spigen Modello Case!!!!

    It's got the Spigen Modello case in Hawaiian Ocean blue. Wow what an amazing case for the price, perfect for and finish, nice and thin but still protective and over all very stylish.
  3. Adam2k90

    Best Skins Ever turning yellow?

    I have a white 4S and have had Best Skins ever bumper optimised skins on for about 2 months an they ate starting to turn yellow. Is this normal? I compared my phones screen to my brothers 4S( normal screen shields) and his seemed slightly more blue. I have also noticed my home button is a lot...
  4. Adam2k90

    Bumper reviews

    Reviews of my iPhone 4S bumpers
  5. Adam2k90

    iPhone 4S Battery issues Troubleshooting

    Hello, I've noticed a lot of people complaining about battery life( I luckily don't have this issue) and have thus decided to make a troubleshooting thread. Now I know some of there's point have already been suggested but I haven't seen a thread just dedicated to attempting to fix it. 1)Charge...
  6. Adam2k90

    Can you guys create an iPhone 4S accesories forum

    Hello, I've noticed quiet a lot of people talking about iPhone 4D cases buts it's kind of hard to find them as they are dotted around the 4S forum so I was wondering if it's possible to create a 4S accessories forum thanks. Adam
  7. Adam2k90

    Modified my iPhone 4 case to fit 4S

    Hello, basically my phone arrived today and my old iPhone 4 case was slightly too tight at the mute switch so to fix this I took a pair of scissors and whittled away at the opening and now my case fits a lot better. Its still a very tight fitting case ( an alternative bumper ) and I was...
  8. Adam2k90

    Will metal cases affect signal?

    As the title suggests will metal cases mess up signal on the 4S as they did the 4?
  9. Adam2k90


    Hello, As the title states I rang my network, tesco mobile, and they sales assistant said yes they are getting the iPhone 4S on release and that pricing should be on their website soon. This is great news as they have one year contracts that work out cheaper than all other networks!!!
  10. Adam2k90

    Will Tesco Mobile get the iPhone 5??/

    Hello, Im a tesco mobile customer in the UK. I have a 1 year contract with them which finished in July so I range them up a few weeks back to check if they were getting the iPhone 5 and they customer service woman said basically yes. I know no one knows but any guess' would be good as to...
  11. Adam2k90

    Flashing notification light in status bar??

    As the title suggest are there any flashing notification lights( like the blackberry ones ) that you can download from cydia that go in the status bar?
  12. Adam2k90

    USB Drive iPhone problem!!!!!

    Basically I installed USB Drive from cydia and decided I didnt need it. Basically I accidentally closed the app while it was creating a drive and now its taking up 500mb on my phone and no ive tried everything, SSH'ing, deleting the app and still I cant get the space back. Please Help.
  13. Adam2k90

    Case with no lay on the table, what will happen if I drop my home on concrete?.

    I just bought a case to replace my bumper but it has no lay on the table and it's 0.7mm thick. What will happen if re iPhone is dropped on concrete?
  14. Adam2k90

    Do earbuds on earphones make a difference to spud quality?

    Hello as the title suggest do they make an difference to sound quality as is jus lost a bud in the cinema from my V Moda vibe duos.
  15. Adam2k90

    Are Apple tricking us?

    Everyone is saying the iPhone 4S or 5 is going to be released in September approximately, but I believe it will be in July as usual because: Its always been done in July previously. The usually do not tell us whats going to happen at the developers conference anyway, so mainly being software...
  16. Adam2k90

    V Moda Duo Headphones?? any experiences?

    Just bought a pair any experiences would be good.
  17. Adam2k90

    Snowbreeze, any experiences?

    Is snowbreeze anygood as I hate the iPhone Dev team and greenposi0n has not been released yet, so did it work for you and have you had any problems? Thanks.
  18. Adam2k90

    iPhone 4 home button slightly slower than others.

    Does anyone know why my home button is slower than my brothers he is on is4.2 I am 4.3. My phone is newer.
  19. Adam2k90

    Are my SHSH Blobs saved if.......

    Are my SHSH Blobs saved since I was previously jailbroken and set cydia to make my life easier but I had to un jailbreak and send that phone to Apple who replaced it. I restored back to how my old one was but need to no if SHSH Blobs are saved so I can downgrade and re jailbreak. Thanks.
  20. Adam2k90

    Atomic Hybrid WANTED!!!

    Hello, I am looking to purchase a cheap atomic hybrid any offers welcome.