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  1. krissibex

    Silence Ringtone/Sound After Picked Up

    Is there a cydia app that silences the SMS tones and mail once you pick up the phone? It continues to ring past when you've unlocked the phone and are typing. -iPhone TapaTalk-
  2. krissibex

    Tonefx Not Overriding

    I finally jailbroke my phone and installed tonefx and it worked great but after installing iRealsms the text sound from tonefx isn't overriding the standard SMS tone. Everything else works fine but that. I reinstalled tonefx and everything. Can anyone help? -iPhone TapaTalk-
  3. krissibex

    Car audio - Motorola Motorokr T505 Bluetooth?

    Motorola Motorokr T505 Bluetooth What do people think about this? Does anyone have it? Seems to get good reviews online. I mainly want it for the FM transimtter purposes but the bluetooth calling is a great bonus that I will for sure use. Anyone one else have this or recommend a better one?
  4. krissibex

    App Help - Photo Upload

    Former BB user and before I could take a picture and immediately upload it to facebook. It was in the "SEND TO" section. iPhone has this too where you can immediately send it via email or MMS but you have to go to FB or twitter itself to upload a photo. Its there an app that allows the "add...
  5. krissibex

    Profiles? Like BB Had

    Hey guys .. just ordered my Vz iP4 .. well at 3am this morning actually but I've seen that the iP doesnt have the profiles thing that the BB has. The iPhone has tons for which I am willing to leave the blackberry for but this was something I will absolutely miss. I’m talking about the...
  6. krissibex

    New from Denver

    Hi! I'm Krissi from Denver, CO Dont have an iphone yet but as the whole world knows now .. Verizon is getting the IP4. Waited for this so long LOL. FINALLY Ordering mine on Feb 3rd Love the forum. I know i'm going to learn a lot here