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    How to transfer pictures from iPhone 4S to computer for best quality?

    Hello everyone, It's no doubt that the iPhone 4S takes great crisp pictures, but it seems that when I transfer the pictures via email to my computer...its never as sharp as it appears from the actual screen view from the device. I've seen some people post pictures they've taken from there 4S...
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    Does anyone else experience a 5-econ10 sd delay to deliver iMessages?

    I just got an iPhone 4S a couple days ago and this has been bothering me. When I'm iMessaging someone, sometimes the messages will deliver instantly, and sometimes it'll take 5-10 seconds just to deliver the message, sometimes more. It just annoys me, because it seems like no matter what, the...
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    New to the forum, and I have a quick question also!

    Hello everyone, I'm AJ. I just got the iPhone 4S yesterday, which still makes me wonder if I got it to close to a possible close iPhone 5 release. Anyway, regarding imessage, is it normal for it to take 5-10 seconds to deliver the message, while other times its almost instant to deliver the...