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    iPhone 4s Bad recpetion

    I recently got an iPhone 4s i use to have a 4 and had trouble with dropping calls etc then I got a bumper case and it seemed to fix the problem. Now my 4s is giving me kind of a similar problem, when in my house i cannot get recption and i keep dropping calls. I never had a problem with my...
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    Deff CLEAVE iPhone 4 alumium case..

    What ever you do stay away from the metal cases you will do nothing but waste your money! the recpetion on your iphone will be horrible ! I had a blade by td designs and i only got 1 bar if any when indoors and outdoors id only get 3bars max ! Trust me you want to stay away from these cases !
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    Iphone 4s problems!!!!

    I had a very simliam problem do you have a case on your phone? If so what type....
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    Blade by T.D Design Case Giving Bad Signal (help)

    Tried the electrical tape on the outside of the iPhone as well as the inside of the case. Still theres a bad singal I think i have to just go with a diferent case or no case at all :-/
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    Blade by T.D Design Case Giving Bad Signal (help)

    I recently bought an iPhone 4s and i had a Blade by case put on my phone. When using my phone out doors I would generally have a decent signal but indoors i would drop down to one bar and sometimes no service at all. So i decided to remove the case now I am getting 3-4 bars indoors when id...