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  1. KevinJS

    New iPhone 7

    Finally had to admit that my 5s had reached the end of its life. The battery was completely useless and the phone had slowed down appreciably. So yesterday, I traded it for an iPhone 7 128Gb, which I promptly filled to ¾ capacity with music. This will be my 4th iPhone, having started back in...
  2. KevinJS

    Siri's sense of humour

    Here's something to try if you are bored. Hey, Siri. What is zero divided by zero. No spoilers. Try it.
  3. KevinJS

    Apple TV 4 gen owners

    Do you have the latest ATV? Which model do you have? What are your impressions of the device, the remote, the apps?
  4. KevinJS

    Print contents of clipboard in macOS

    Use Automator to build the following workflow.
  5. KevinJS


    The latest problems with hardware recently surfaced. The version of iTunes that is required to work with iOS10 is incompatible with older versions of Windows (Vista and older) and OS X (versions prior to Mavericks). I've seen the iMazing app suggested as a possible alternative to iTunes on...
  6. KevinJS

    Classic FM App

    If you don't already have the Classic FM app, it would be a good time to download it. It offers the live broadcast from the UK radio station and is free to download. Classic FM will pay tribute to one of the most influential and...
  7. KevinJS

    Virus scanners etc.

    Occasionally, someone asks whether there is a decent virus scanner available for iOS. In this post, I will touch on iOS, macOS and Windows and give some hopefully useful advice for each OS. I know nothing about Linux, but I'm led to believe that there are no viruses in the wild for it. Perhaps...
  8. KevinJS

    How to use...Hot Corners (Mac)

    There's a useful feature hidden away in macOS that doesn't get half the recognition that it should. With Hot Corners set up, moving the mouse cursor to the corner of the screen invokes a user-defined function such as immediately starting the screen saver or clearing the screen to the desktop...
  9. KevinJS

    Apps gone free

    Exactly what it says. Apps that normally cost money occasionally go free for a limited time. If you miss the download on the specified date, make sure you check the price since these may be one day offers. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
  10. KevinJS

    Making a bootable installer for macOS Sierra

    While this is fresh in my head, I'll bash out these instructions. You'll need a USB thumb drive of 8Mb capacity, named "Untitled". It will be erased as part of the process so make sure it's either empty or contains nothing of value. Download macOS from the Mac App Store. It will auto boot, so...
  11. KevinJS

    The SciFi Channel

    I am unashamedly a sci-fi nut, and I'm sure I'm not alone. So, what have you seen, what have you read, what have you written? A skim down Arstechnica's list yields few movies I haven't seen. I'll be tracking down those that have so far eluded me. Good to see that 2001:A Space Odyssey is top of...
  12. KevinJS

    Out and about

    Since we come from all over the world, I thought it would be good to have a look at places that are ordinary to us, but maybe exotic to others. I'll start off with the RoadKing truck stop in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, which is about as banal as it gets but, hey, some people like trucks.
  13. KevinJS

    iPhone bricked after update failure?

    I spent part of today restoring my son's iPhone SE. He informed me that it had become bricked during a software update. I thought nothing more of it and restored it. I was somewhat bemused to note that although I had restored it to factory settings, his photographs had survived. Anyway, it...
  14. KevinJS

    AppleTV 3 discontinued

    Apple has removed the ATV 3 from their website. If you are interested in one, time is running out.
  15. KevinJS

    10th Anniversary for iPhone

    Next year will see the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. The rumour mill never stops and it looks as though big things might be in the pipe. Already, it looks like there is going to be a break with convention. No-one, it seems, is talking about a 7s. To me, that is huge. We have become used to...
  16. KevinJS

    iPhone. What is it good for?

    What are your particular uses for your iPhone? These pocket computers have a bewildering array of functions, so what are the features you use most? For me, music is first and foremost. AirPlay is perhaps the feature I use the most, along with iTunes Remote, Home Sharing, iTunes and hardware...
  17. KevinJS

    New Macs this month?

    We might be looking at some new Macs later this month. According to, October 27th will see the announcement of a new MBP lineup. The rumoured programmable OLED function bar could make its debut, as could a TouchID power button and Apple Pencil functionality for the touchpad. The...
  18. KevinJS

    KEF LS50 wireless active speakers

    I once sat in a dealer's listening room with my iPhone plugged into a monstrously expensive multi-channel amplifier, which was attached to a set of KEF R-series speakers. After a couple of hours, I was convinced that despite the $10,000 price tag for the system, I was never going to be satisfied...
  19. KevinJS

    iOS 10.0.3 is up

    Updated version fixes iPhone 7 connectivity issues and other bugs.
  20. KevinJS

    Audeze EL8 Titanium headphones

    Looking for headphones for your new iPhone 7? The Audeze EL8 is now available from Apple. Also comes with a cable for use with non-Apple devices. Price is $799.95 Audeze EL-8 Titanium Closed-Back Headphones