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  1. smalltowngirl13

    Stock availability of the iPhone X...

    Here in the middle of Kansas (Salina to be exact) - as of an hour ago, Verizon still had stock of the iPhone X in their store? I am curious if anyone knows if their local carriers have stock. Now I don't know what color or size, I only know this because a friend of my daughter was in and...
  2. smalltowngirl13

    Apple releases tutorial video for the iPhone X...

    Apple recently published a tutorial video for the iPhone X...I think it is a pretty good short video that highlights the main gestures and new features of the iPhone X.
  3. smalltowngirl13

    What color of iPhone X did you pre-order?

    Did you select Silver or Space Gray? Was your choice influenced by what was available based on quickest shipping times? I ordered the Silver which was the color I preferred.
  4. smalltowngirl13

    Has anyone received any shipping confirmation for the iPhone 8 or 8 Plus?

    I know it is still early :) but when you do receive the shipping info, post up in here so we can all be excited for you! Also share thru who you ordered - Apple, your wireless carrier, Best Buy or another tech site, etc. There is always hope for "early shipments" - right!
  5. smalltowngirl13


    OMG - that is awesome! I love the idea of one charging pad for multiple items in the Apple ecosystem. That is definitely wireless charging at a new level...Apple may have been a bit late to the wireless charging game, but they definitely displayed the "go big or go home" way!
  6. smalltowngirl13

    Full screen display...

    I like the look of the iPhone X but I am not sure how I like the black space at the top separating the notification bar? As of now, I have not see what a notification would look like coming off the sensor area. Anybody else have reservations after seeing the iPhone X in use?
  7. smalltowngirl13

    Wireless Charging!

    I am so happy to see this finally come to the iPhone! This is one of my all time fave features on any phone. Is this make anyone else happy :)?
  8. smalltowngirl13

    Email Thread View...

    As a recent convert to the iPhone 6 Plus, I have a question in regards to the stock email app...I would like to see the complete thread view - meaning, I receive an email from contact X and reply to said email where contact X replies back and then I forward the email to contact Z - currently, I...
  9. smalltowngirl13

    What all was in your iPhone 6 Plus Box?

    I am curious what all contents everyone received with their new iPhone 6 Plus (I am sure it will be similar for the most part) but I am with Verizon and I did not receive a SIM card tray ejector tool but did receive earbuds, wall charger, usb cord and some Apple stickers... The SIM card tray...
  10. smalltowngirl13

    Where are you buying your iPhone 5S from?

    With tomorrow quickly approaching :), where are you planning on buying your new iPhone 5S from? Do you anticipate standing in line, being the first, etc...