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    Straight Talk $45 per month unlimited - is it HSPA + ?

    Hi, So I'm getting a Straight Talk unlimited to use in an existing AT&T locked 4S phone. (5.1 so can't jailbrake). Even though they call it unlimited, its not is it... So i'll keep it under 2gig.. Or try too ! :) I do have a question, since the 4S is HSPA + capable, as is AT&T's...
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    So who has the least expensive Pay As You Go, that'll work on the iPhone ?

    Hi, and since this is my first post, let me start off by saying hi to everyone !! :p:p I will soon have a spare AT&T iPhone 4S, that is currently locked to AT&T. I'm getting a new larger capacity phone and would like to give my wife my old one.. EXCEPT, she's currently only on a crappy pay as...