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    Who has the 16GB model?

    In this topic I want to see who has the 16GB model and how that storage size has affected them. This topic was inspired by another post where I mentioned that my frequent check at Target stores brought me to the realization that only the 16GB 6 plus models are being sold there.(for the most...
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    Im back!!!!

    Nothing really important. I just lost this forum for over a year and found it tonight. I used to be glued to this forum and then forgot what it wa called so i couldnt find it. But now im back and ready to participate again.
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    Infinity blade! Whos ready!

    So infinity blade comes out tomorrow. I cant be the only person waiting for it? Let me know how it turns out for everyone.
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    I apologize if there has already been a post about this but i just want to let overyone know about parallax and see what everyone thinks about it. I think its te greatest thing since sliced bread... Maybe not but its still pretty sweet. It lests you have a scrollable landscape picture for your...
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    Skyfire review

    So! How well does the skyfire app measure up to its hype? If you consider the fact that Skyfire "sold out" or more precisely, was removed after only several hours of being in the app store, you would think its gotta be worth a try. And for the innocent $2.99 price tag, you might just have to...
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    Skyfire! Whats your opinion?

    The new skyfire web browser app was just released. Whats your opinion of it? Like it? Hate it? Worth the 3 bucks? Slower/faster? Good or downright ugly ui? Lemme know!
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    Biggest file youve downloaded

    Alright, just to stick it to the man (att) i want to know how big is the biggest file youve ever downloaded. Im talking about straight downloading Over 3g, not wifi. I doubt i hold the record but considering my circumstances, i thought todays 241.3 mb was preety decent, and then to have to unzip...
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    Swimming ipod touch

    So how about my buddy just bought a brand new 32 gig ipod touch. Hasnt even had it for a week and dropped it in a cup of water. Besides sticking it in some rice, does anyone have any advice? I looked at the water sensor and it was red but ever since it happend, its been turng back white.
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    Forum sign in problem

    So ive been having this problem recently with either tapatalk or this forum. When i go to open up this forum in the tapatalk app, it says something along the lines of this forum is temporarily closed. So what i do is sign out of this forums account then sign back in and it works once but...
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    Otterbox Defender

    I just got my first otterbox case for my iphone 4. Ive been researching both cases for a while and when i went into best buy, i passed by the defender series and thought i would check it out in person. Also keep in mind that im coming from a bumper and am the type of person who likes a clean...
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    Cannot connect to gamecenter

    Is anyone else getting the error. Cannot connect to game center server? I mean i know 4.1 just came out but still...
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    Cannot connect to gamecenter

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    New ipod touch has same hardware?

    On the contrary to what everyone thinks or thought, the new ipod touch doesnt really have the same hardware as the iphone 4. I read this from engadget so you can read the whole review there if you want but it turns out, the cameras and screen are not the same or even the same quality as the...
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    Will 4.1 be released today

    Well im sure most people know by now that the apple event is today and that their online store is down for updates. That raises the question, do you think that 4.1 will be released today?
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    .png/.artwork editing

    Alright everyone, i thought it was time to create a topic specifically about the editing of the iphone's png files for people who are interested in everything from creating themes to just wanting to oust an image. Im not saying i know everything but ive been messing with themes and system files...
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    App store not installing

    Hey everyone, i could use some help here. I went to install an app from the app store and when i hit the install button, the app store crashes. I do have a jailbroken iphone 4 but am not sure if that has something to do with it. So far ive tried restarting, respringing, quitting the app in the...
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    Infinite reboot

    I was hoping to get more help here than the internet was offering me. I jailbroke a buddy's iphone 3g. He's not the brightest person so he got it stuck in the infinite boot death trap. Ive never had to deal with it myself so idk what i should do. I dont think he or i installed open ssh on it...
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    List of compatible ip4 cydia apps

    Hey everyone. Obviously since the jailbreak just came out, there arent that many cydia apps that work for the iphone 4 running ios 4.0 or 4.0.1. So i was wanting to start a list of all the apps that are working, not working, or halfway working for us ip4 users. Heres what ive found. Keep in mind...
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    Ip4 mobile terminal?

    Hey everyone. Has anyone tried using mobile terminal on their jailbroken iphone 4? Every time i try to open it, it just closes. And i do have openssh installed.
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    Is the bumper strong?

    I was just wondering if there is anyone out there who has dropped their iphone 4 from a reasonable distance with the bumber on? I have a zagg front/back protector and apples bumper. Just curious if anyone has had any situations where the bumper has failed them while the question in the back of...