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    Looking for a new 4S case, but can't decide....

    Hi guys, I've always been a loyal Otterbox user and currently have the Defender case on my 4S. But it has torn at the mute switch and I am considering a new case. Any guidance would be great. I work in construction so the phone needs to well protected and a screen cover is a must, but it...
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    Pioneer App Radio for the car.

    Hi all, Just wondered if anybody has one of these fantastic looking in car head units designed specifically for use with an iPhone? The model number is SPH-DA01. Looks the business and not too expensive at approx £300. Would love to hear any feedback.
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    New Iphone owner - which protective case?

    Hi all, I have just joined the forum and would be grateful of any guidance you can offer. I have had Blackberries for years now and always went with Otterbox cases but, with the arrival of my new 4S imminent, am wondering if there are any other high quality makes that cater for Iphones?
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    New Member coming over from Blackberry.....

    Just wanted to say hello, being a new member and all !! I've been a loyal follower of Blackberry for many years but have decided to cross over to the other side and have just ordered a white 4S, which should be with me next week. Looking for lots of useful hints and tips as well as advice for...