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    Can you have multiple volume settings?

    Thanks for the response. Bummer. I miss that feature from my Incredible. Seems like a logical feature to include. Oh well.
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    Can you have multiple volume settings?

    I can't seem to find this anywhere. I would like to have a medium volume for incoming calls and a low volume for email alerts. Is it possible to set different volume settings for different notifications?
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    How to make custom ringtones for your iPhone

    I'm almost there. The last step is killing me- I checked the box to sync my ringtones and got a message that all songs on my device would be deleted. Since I only had a few songs, I tried it anyway. sure enough, it deleted the songs. also, the folder that was made for the ringtones is just...
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    Moving contacts to 4s

    I only see Mail/Calendars/Notes. I don't have an option to turn on Contacts. Any suggestions? I tried using Back-Up Assistant with Verizon and it transferred a whopping 7 contacts! So I'm hoping I can get my gmail contacts to sync. Edit: I clicked on iCloud and found the gmail account with the...
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    Google calendar question from a noobie

    Just got my iPhone 4s today. I'm coming from an Android device so there is going to be a BIG learning curve for me. I got my email and calendar set up. But I have a question on the calendar. My Google calendar is showing up just fine but I also could see my husband's calendar on my Droid...