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    Stay with iPhone 4S or swap to iP5 ???

    I have a 4s and is verry good .
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    iPhone 5 without case

    You a case because it will protect your ip verry good .
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    Loing the faith

    A hard reset will solve the prob.
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    Use google is you'r friend ;))
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    How do I get ringtone/notification tones on iPhone 5?

    You need to install it from itunes and rename it
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    No one can hear me on my new iphone5

    Try to remove the cover :phone:
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    iTunes is changing my playlists!!!

    I don't think is a a option for that soory :(
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    [poll] Who will pre-order the iPhone 5?

    Preordered a white one on Verizon :) I am so happy :P