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    Ultrasn0w not working on ios6.1.6 iphone 3gs

    three days before my iphone 3gs stop working automatically is stuck on low battery icon i charge it for 36 hours but iphone still showing low battery icon so i restore ios 6.1.3 which was previously installed after that i jailbreak and hacktivate it the go to cydia and install UltraSn0w and...
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    Iphone 3gs upgrade help required

    hi ive recently bought iphone 3gs but it is jailbroken now it is on IOS 4.1 with base-band 6.15.00 i want to upgrade it on IOS 6.0 but i am unable to install it with itunes it gives different errors i dont know what to do i also have shsh blobs for version 6.0 plz help me how to upgrade if i...
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    Iphone 3gs upgrade help required