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    Cydia iPhone 4S 6.1 problem

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    Cydia iPhone 4S 6.1 problem

    Ok when using an iPhone 4 with 6.1 I tried to download the subway surfers hack and when installing it I get an error from cydia. It says that the hack cant be installed because the game isn't installed on my phone. I know for sure it's there but when I do it on an iPhone 5 it works. Can someone...
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    How to downgrade your iPhone4S, iPad2 or iPad3

    I just recently purchased my iphhone 4s and its running 5.1 can I use this to downgrade to 5.0.1 and then jailbreak my iphone
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    Pod2g now has all 5.1 exploits needed and is working on bypassing ASLR

    looks like we are one step closer now we have to wait for dev team to come up with a jailbreak program