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    jailbreak 4.0.1

    Well I have the same query but I want to know that is it safe to use this, because this is not the part of iphone. Suppose it disturbs the other programs than it is also a headache.
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    opinions please

    I think that apple bumper is cool to buy because I already have this and I am using it from last 1 month. As it is stylish and protects my iphone. To be buy good one please refer to apple store only.
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    I have just heard the name called MEDVIL. He has recently developed the bluetooth for iphone. This is the feature missing from launching time and I think that now its perfect time to use it.
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    Does anyone use twitter?

    well mine is twitter: groupnpd
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    Looking for wireless wall charger

    Well at present this is not available here. As soon as the product is launched it will be informed to you. Till than it will be better for using the same traditional version.
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    Need Help

    Well I have apple iphone and want to know that which is the best method to replace it. As I have purchased it online from a seller and now it has some errors while using it. What I have to do ? Either to take help from local vendor or complaint it to the seller.
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    Hotmail sync problem

    well is there not option of having to select all together. As my friend is having the phone and have the option to delete the mails here. Well which version you have ?
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    Which do you think is better

    I think that soft one is the best because soft is soft and hard is hard. As it is easy to use and easy to handle. It gives the comfort to you.