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    Upgrade from 4.1

    My iPhone4 is still using 4.1. It works flawlessly but am interested in the find my phone function of the newer firmware. I've seen some issues pop up periodically on this board with newer upgrades. Is the current firmware stable? I'm not interested in jailbreaking or anything, just want a...
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    iTunes wants to restore my phone...

    But my phone is working perfectly. I don't often plug my phone into my computer, just occasionally to back-up. Never an issue. Now as soon as it recognizes my phone it sends me to the screen where it asks me if I want to activate a new phone or restore from previous back-ups. I dont want to do...
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    How to tell if a phone is locked?

    Are all iPhones automatically locked when purchased through a provider? How can you tell if an iPhone is locked? Other phones I have had show the providers logo on start-up but not my iPhone?
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    Props to Otterbox

    When my month-old Commuter case broke without being dropped, I was annoyed. I emailed Otterbox on a Saturday to complain but not expecting much. Within a couple of hours, an Otterbox rep emailed me back and gave me simple instructions for warranty service. Within a week a brand new commuter case...
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    Forum trouble

    When navigating forums, such as this one, I find that when I click on a topic to read the thread and then back out of it using the "back" button, I find myself in an older, archived version that doesn't even show the new topics from that day. If I refresh, the current topic list shows up. This...