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    Battery cases?

    Besides the Apple smart battery case, are there any other iphone 7 battery cases with lighting Connectors so we can still use carplay, headphones etc without having to remove the case? Also one that protects the phone...
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    Why all the hate on the battery?

    How do we know this? I've added a few widgets but never really see any battery decrease
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    Best camera app?

    Now that the iPhone 6 is out and many app makers are doing updated camera apps, I'm trying to decide which one is the best and which one to stick with. I've been playing with PROCAMERA 8, CAMERA+, MANUAL and PROCAM 2 (the just updated fixed version). Can someone chime in and discuss why one is...
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    You don't delete anything. Just rearrange the keyboards so the one you want as default us at the top. You can't delete stock keyboard as it's needed for entering passwords etc
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    HOw do I clone an old IPhone to a new one?

    Can you do this with a jail broken iPhone to a new non jail broken one? ie a jail broken 4s to a 5s or 6?
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    Calendar app with invitations?

    Is there any calendar app that allows you to create AND RESPOND to calendar invitations (yes no Maybe) like you can on the native iphone calendar app? I have tried several Apps. I was using week cal and you could create appointments and send to others but it didn't popup the list of invitations...
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    Force Bluetooth audio?

    My wife drives a 2012 Sonita which has Bluetooth. It works fine when a you make or receive a call , it will automatically switch from whatever is playing to Bluetooth. However, when using any other app, such as a navigation program, it does not switch and you need to set radio to Bluetooth...
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    Magellan roadmate USA?

    Does anyone on here use the Magellan Roadmate USA app for the iphone? I'm comparing navigation apps and would love to know your thoughts on this app. Also if you use SYGIC (my current favorite app) I would love to hear your opinion as well. Thanks.
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    TouchPal issue

    does anyone know if the update from the other day fixed the issue with TouchPal not working right back always in email?
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    TouchPal issue

    btw... I see there is a new version released tobight. does anyone know what's changed? ignored the update since this version is working and customized. Is there a need up update? I'm on iOS 6.1
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    TouchPal issue

    anyway it appears you cannot update and need to do what I did above. it has been working and and I added back the graphics and some other changes in found online and it works great
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    TouchPal issue

    I removed TouchPal and then used ifile to find all remaining traces. then rebooted and reinstalled and it appears to be working. I haven't added back in the English png filles for space bar and left character buttons yet.
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    TouchPal issue

    Anyone? now it is even displaying Chinese
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    TouchPal issue

    It is doing it again. swype a word and press space and it erases it.. Old version was fine.
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    TouchPal issue

    iOS 6.1 I just uninstalled and reinstalled again so we will see. its working but it did that before and then stopped
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    TouchPal issue

    Already tried.
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    TouchPal issue

    I've been using TouchPal for a long time on my 4so iOS 6.1 and it's been fine. Today there was an update and now most times you will Swype a word and press the space bar and it just erases the word. does anyone know how to resolve ?
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    Sygic usa navigation?

    Does anyone use sygic navigation in usa?. I've been testing out since they recently switched to tomtom traffic.. I really like it.. Anyone have any comments? also does anyone who uses it, know what report traffic actually does when you press it? to me it does not appear to report anything...
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    Best navigation app

    while scout is good, when used in landscape mode, you cannot see much of the map.