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    Ring tone length

    It doesn't matter how long the ringtone is. The length of time that a handset will play the ringtone before going to VM is dependent on the interrogation setting.
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    Your top 3 iPhone apps

    Keynote Mobile Terminal Reminders
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    Greetings. Forum FNG here

    Not really. But the time goes by fast
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    Looking for a Business App

    Easy timesheet
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    Caller-ID for outgoing calls

    Edit the contact record, add the field 'nickname' and place the contacts number In that field
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    Greetings. Forum FNG here

    Hello. I'm jason. I have a few iPhones and an iPad, appleTV2 and a couple of MB Pros. I tinker with iDevices for fun, on the clock I configure, update, and deploy them in the enterprise for various corporate entities, and train their employees how to use them within the scope of the solution...
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    iOS 5 Beta Jailbreak Released!

    You don't have to be a developer to use the 9A5210p FW. You just have to know one. Besides, it's a tethered jailbreak. Unless you have a dedicated device that isn't your primary, you would have to pack a laptop if your handset rebooted.
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    AT&T Tethering Polices

    The native iPhone4 hotspot feature is 20 bucks/month. The iPad 3G data plan is 25 bucks for 2GB of bit consumption. If you are grandfathered onto the 30 dollar unlimited data on your i4, the hotspot feature will kill it, and your i4 will fall to the 4GB data pro for 45 dollars. If you have...