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    Calendar App

    Here's what I need,will someone please tell me if it exists. A calendar that multiple people/employees (that I allow) can view, and make requests for time off (which I can either approve or disapprove) The ability to view dates that others have selected and received approval to have off...
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    I'm looking for an app (Mac, iPhone and ipad) that allows me to bill customers, receive payments and send invoices (email and SMS) anyone know if such a product exists? I'm currently using QB Online. But NOT pleased with it at all :-(
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    Iphone 5 power button not working

    Anyone else having an issue with the power button not working on the iPhone 5? I've contacted apple and they ARE aware but gave me some nonsense about no longer being under warranty. I find this interesting because this is a hardware issue. I will most likely call back and speak with someone else
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    Screen Shot

    Mariuss, this is for you.
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    Movies Not Working After iOS6 Update

    I updated the new iOS6 on my iPhone 4S and 1 out of my 12 movies won't open to play. I'm thinking I need to figure this out before I set up the iPhone 5, because if its not working on the 4S, chances are it won't work on the 5. Anyone have any suggestions???
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    iPhone 5 Shipment

    Let us know when your Pre-order has shipped. I'm SUPER excited. Amazing how something as small and insignificant as a phone can have such an impact!
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    Forum Posting

    Since getting the new iPhone 4S I am unable to access any of my "subscribed" posts. The only way to access them is through the "current/participated" tab. When i click on one of my subscribed posts it closes down and my phone returns to the apple home screen. This happens on this site and the...
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    Purpose of Jailbreaking

    Question: why would Apple create a device and then not allow the consumer to naturally access ALL of it's features? My son has jailbroken his phone and it's amazing the things he can do that I cannot. He also jailbroke the iPad2 and now has (at least) 20 windows open compared to my measly 9...
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    This is a problem that has bothered me for quite a long time, I'm hoping that someone can help me. I use Yahoo for my email, calendar and contacts. For years, I've always synced my contacts with my phone for obvious reasons and it has always paid off, UNTIL the iPhone came into my life. With...