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    Iphone 4 voice mail password

    When I go to set up a password for voice mail in settings I input a 4 digit the it asks to renter. Re-enter and push done and it just sits there saying saving password and have to hit the home button to get out of there. Can't pick up my voice mail because I don't have a password. What do I have...
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    Pass code entrance on an iPhone?

    New to the iPhone 4, yes I know it's obsolete. I do my finances on my iPad and lap top so I have those pass code protected on entrance. How important is it to pass code my iPhone? It's on the same iCloud program as my other stuff. Could it be attacked or harmed if I loose my phone. It's a PITA...
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    iPhone 4 Siri

    just bought this phone for BYOP on Tracphone. iPhone 4 is on iOS7.1.2. It has no microphone for Siri on the keyboard. Went to settings/general but there is no Siri listed to turn off or on. Manual says there is. What's up. Thanks.