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    Guys i m a programmer i had made some apps for android but since im using iphone n i m interested on ios , i wud like to write programs for iphone but the thing is that it need mac os to do coding. Is there any option that i can do coding in my laptop ? I dnt have mac ....
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    Any body hav any idea bout how to use mig33 for iphone?
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    Launched new 5.1.1

    Iphone team had launced new 5.1.1 update just now so if we wan absinite jailbreak then i think we must stay away from it better nt to update now
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    is there a un tethered Jailbreak for ios 5.0? [ip4]

    I got semi tethered jailbreak on my iphone 4 ios 5.0 how can i get untethered jailbreak ? Can anyone help me
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    Is there untethered jailbreak for ios 5.0 ? Or is there jailbreak for ios 5.1.1?
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    Video call

    How to do video call from iphone 4 , a regual 3g video call to non iphone holder?
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    Ios update

    Im on ios 5.0 n i wanna hav untethered jailbreak shud i hav to update my phone to 5.1 else after some days sure apple will stop signing 5.1? Wat to do?
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    Update to ios 5.1

    My iphone is in5.0 n no shsh for 5.0.1 , i wanna update to 5.1 ? Is jailbreak available for 5.1 n can i unlock my phone vai SAM in 5.1 ?
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    Hello guys i just wanna unlock my iphone with my 04.11.08 firmware mobile, will these site work for me or is there any other option my mobile is of softbank japan.
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    Any one plz help me how can i unlock iphone 4 with baseband 04.11.08
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    Ios update

    I hav iphone 4 with ios 5.0 n its locked , n i want tethere jailbrk so i wanna update it to 5.1. Wat sud i do shud i be in 5.0 so that unlock may came to my phone or may i update to uos 5.1 ???? Plz help me plz
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    How to use icloud ? Is it compulsary to on automatic download for it?
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    Is there any app for mig33 in iphone?
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    Fantasy premiere league

    Any one hav any idea bout the App for fantasy premiere league? Free app ;)
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    Apple signing

    Is apple still signing ios 4.3.3 or some other previos version?
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    Downgrade ios help me

    I hav ios 5 n i wanna downgrade to ios 4.3.3 or any other ios version so that my bandwidth also diwngrade. I dnt hav shsh saved is there any other option to downgrade it?
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    Apple signing

    Is apple signing any previos ios versions ?