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  1. Crxx

    Galaxy Note II

    Yes it does fit in my pocket....even with the otter box on it
  2. Crxx

    Switching from Galaxy Note 2 to iPhone 5

    But im still an iphone fan!
  3. Crxx

    Switching from Galaxy Note 2 to iPhone 5

    I switched last week from the Iphone 5 to the note 2 and love it so far......
  4. Crxx

    How often do you check your iPhone ?

    Lol...... when I think about the topic, its actually hilarious! Maybe 15-20 times an hour and for no apparent reason. In the store.... often because I see someone else looking at theirs (knowing I haven't received any kind of a notification).....its crazy
  5. Crxx

    Post your lock screens!

    Love it!!
  6. Crxx

    Galaxy Note II

    The iphone charges faster than gn2...... both are great devices. Im still adjusting and learning because this is my first Android device
  7. Crxx

    Galaxy Note II

    I went ahead and and bit the bullet and got the note 2. so far I dont have any complaints. just gettin used to this android platform
  8. Crxx

    Galaxy Note II

    I think I'd be too afraid to do that. I rarely put my Ip5 in my pocket
  9. Crxx

    Galaxy Note II

    I can live with that....anyone else??
  10. Crxx

    Galaxy Note II

    Ok, thanks!
  11. Crxx

    Galaxy Note II

    Does anyone have one of the galaxy note 2 units? I have the Ip5 and also have an upgrade available. Just lookin for some opinions from users that have them and what the experience is like.
  12. Crxx

    Galaxy Note II

  13. Crxx

    6.0.2 update, any issues?

    It was totally killing my battery as well. I could lose almost 50% of a full charge in a couple hours. I went back to 6.0.1 and that issue went away.
  14. Crxx

    Apple is reportedly testing the 5-inch iPhone Maxi

    I'll have given it a try buy two hands feel better to me IMHO.... But that's just me and I'm faster with two hands..... Rather thumbs... Lol
  15. Crxx

    how do we change fonts on the iPhones?

    Yes, this changes the texting font size
  16. Crxx

    how do we change fonts on the iPhones?

    If you're referring to the text fonts.... Then go to settings>general>accessibility>large text. Select the size you want.
  17. Crxx

    woud you buy an iPhone 5 now or wait?

    Good decision to go ahead and buy instead of playing the waiting game!
  18. Crxx

    AT&T throttling...really?

    Yes it is true. I have a grandfathered plan and they sent me the same text. I blew it off because I'm unlimited.... Then they slowed my speed down.... It's crazy, because unlimited to me means exactly that....UNLIMITED! So since then, I use wifi when available. They throttle you till the end of...
  19. Crxx

    My first iphone

    Welcome aboard!
  20. Crxx

    Im loving ios 6

    I enjoy it