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    DIY experience with iPh4- charging issues

    Hi all, where do I start? my wife's iPhone was water damaged a while ago. It was acting crazy and hopeless. I put it in a bag of rice for almost three weeks and took it out. It behaved much better but not as good as before the incident. The bell icon (for sound, ringer etc) used to come on...
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    Trouble downgrading to iOS 5.1.1 using Cydia's shsh

    Hi all, I was getting tired of my 5.1.1 JB, as my phone was becoming too slow. So I decided to upgrade to iOS6. Prior to that I tried to save the shsh blobs and found out that apple was no longer signing the firm ware. It's ironical though, as I remember saving the blobs even before the JB but I...
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    Hi All

    Hi all, I came here by clicking on the welcome message after I registered with this forum. However this is not my first post :). This is actually my second. To introduce myself, I signed up as I have a weird problem with my iPhone4. I have owned this gadget for about 1.8years (almost at end of...
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    iPhone4 does not play music with docking station

    Hi all, I am a noobie to this forum and apologize if this has been covered else where. I spent sometime searching online and couldnt find any solutions to my problem. So here goes... My iPhone 4 does not play music when connected to a docking station. The first docking station I tried it with...