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  1. Budco2000

    Switched to android. (for 3 days)

    Sunday I went to best buy and got me a samsung galaxy S with android 2.2. It was a nice phone, the first I loved it, downloaded a lot of the same apps I had on my iPhone 4. Day 2 I started missing my iPhone. The android menu system and apps screen I found to be cluttery. So much At&t bloatware...
  2. Budco2000


    Why is there still no EQ in the iPod app. Going to settings everytime I wanna adjust it is stupid. C'mon apple
  3. Budco2000

    Apple iPhone 4 - Can you get this/do this?

    Me too. Don't touch my phone.
  4. Budco2000

    Hi, My names Buddy, And I Have an iPhone Addiction lol\=u

    I drive a semi and have the charger plugged up all the time. but heavy use will drain it in a few hours. Lol, It's a power and data hog
  5. Budco2000

    ARGH! why is iTunes so Slow

    I'm on a dell that is less then a month old. 4GB of ram, 1/10/100 network, i7 dual core processor, 7800RPM 500GB hard drive
  6. Budco2000

    ARGH! why is iTunes so Slow

    :mad: iTunes is pissing me off. It took 3 hours to download a 1.4GB TV episode from Itunes. Took 2 hours just to download 4.0.2for my iPhone4 which is under 400MB. I have Verizon Fios which is extremely fast. 30MB/Sec download & 5MB/Sec Upload and 100% dedicated home fiber optic that does not...
  7. Budco2000

    Hi, My names Buddy, And I Have an iPhone Addiction lol\=u

    Can't put my iphone 4 down ever. Sometimes I awake from a nap and it's in my hand. lol
  8. Budco2000

    Got my new bumper

    I'm a guy whose last 3 iPhones were buck naked. No screen protector, no case, etc. I did carry it in a leather pouch but no drops no scratches. Same with my iPhone 4, phone is buck naked. Got my bumper today and I like it. Feels like got quality, tight fit, when u set it down front nor back of...