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    Apple To Abandon Industry-Leading Privacy And Security

    From AP (just one of many such articles): Full article: Apple to scan U.S. iPhones for images of child sexual abuse Another article, with more extensive comment from industry security and privacy experts: Fury at Apple's plan to scan iPhones for child abuse images and report 'flagged' owners...
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    iPhones, WiFi Calling, and SMS/MMS Messaging

    A friend using an iPhone w/o cellular service, but with WiFi Calling, found he'd missed a whole bunch of text messages from non-iPhone users. It appeared he could send and receive text messages to/from other iPhone users when on WiFi Calling, but not to/from non-iPhone users (e.g.: Android...
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    Need A Capable E-Mail App

    I've finally had my fill of iOS' default email app. I really like some of the stuff it does, but... Unable to view email headers at all makes one unable to discriminate between legitimate and spoofed email Lack of email push notifications for everything except Apple's mail server, and that...
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    Dark Sky: No Longer Getting Notifications

    Updated my iPhone 6S to an SE (2020) a couple weeks ago. In the meantime: An iOS update on that and two WatchOS updates. At some point I stopped getting notifications from Dark Sky on either phone or watch. The morning forecast summaries have disappeared, as well. I've done all the...
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    Offline/iCloud Music Player App?

    Now that I've a pair of Airpods I'm again interested in finding if there's an app that will allow me to play my music, ripped from my CDs or purchased from Amazon, on my iPhone or iPad. E.g.: I've created a "Music" folder in my iCloud Drive. Ideally I could point a music player app at that...
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    Are We Going To Have To Go Back To Android?

    After waiting and waiting for Apple to Get It Right, I we finally upgraded our two iPads and iPhone 6S' to iOS 11.3. All was well. Since Apple screwed the pooch for every 11.x up until then, and finally got it right, I stupidly assumed they wouldn't screw it up again on 11.4. So when it...
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    iOS 11.3: Is It Safe?

    I'm wondering if it's finally safe to update. My wife's and my iPads (2017 9.7") and iPhones (6S) are still on 10.3. We'll be going on a trip, soon, so I'd like to know if it's safe to update or is 11.x still problematical? Note: We don't have iTunes, nor would it be practical to attempt to...
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    iPhone 6S, Jabra Tour Speakerphone: "No" Turn-By-Turn Audio

    Hi All, I have a "new, open-box" iPhone 6S and, in the car, a Jabra "Tour" speakerphone. The speakerphone works great for phone conversations and interacting with Siri. But, if I have it connected while navigating, the turn-by-turn audio disappears. Or so it initially appeared. I did a test...
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    Android to iOS: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    Having gotten to the point of becoming disgusted with all things Google and un-trusting of the Android OS and Google's Play Store, a couple weeks ago started moving over to Apple/iOS. These will probably be updated, in-place, as time goes on and we get more experience with our new devices. The...
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    Why Can't I "Like"/"Up-Vote" Posts Any More?

    Couldn't find a "site help/discussion" sub-forum, so I hope this is ok here... When I first joined I was able to "like"/"up-vote" a couple or so posts to my into thread. Since then I cannot. Can somebody 'splain? Thanks!
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    Sellers Of Overstock, Refurbished, Used iPhones: Any Stand-Outs?

    Hi There, As my .sig notes: Possible refugee from the Android ecosystem. My wife and I obtained a pair of 9.7" iPads and we're kind of liking them. (Actually, we really like them. We're just having "adjustment issues" ;).) Brand-spanking-new iPhone 7s, at circa $700/ea., are not in the...
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    iPhone 6 On T-Mobile: Band 12? VoLTE?

    Thinking of switching to iOS mobile devices. One way my wife and I got burned buying devices running The Other OS was they were supposed to have Band 12 support, in fact they have the hardware, but, the manufacturer declined to add VoLTE, or go through T-Mobile's rigorous or expensive (?)...
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    May Make The Switch

    Hi All! Was looking for an iThings mobile device web forum and this one looked the best, so here I am :) Currently using phones and tablets running "the other OS," but, have become disillusioned with them (primarily due to their execrable "security") and am considering Making The Switch...