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  1. DrumsOfGrohl

    Can I store photos on iCloud and NOT on my iPhone?

    I recently downgraded to a 16gb iPhone 6 (its a long story, actually its not that long, but I don't want to get into it). Obviously, I'm struggling with keeping my storage low. I have plenty of storage room on my iCloud, and I was wondering if there was a way I could take a photo, have it...
  2. DrumsOfGrohl

    Lets play a Battery Usage game

    I think it would be fun to try to guess which FIVE of your apps you used the most in the last 7 days, and then rank them. Then after you've guessed, you find out and post how accurate your guess was. [I'm ignoring the amount of battery your home and lock screen use]. The way I'm calculating...
  3. DrumsOfGrohl

    Things I Dislike About My iPhone

    I was awake last night thinking about, well, all kinds of things, including, for whatever reason, this forum. I think people are a little afraid of talking about, or posting about, how they really feel. Maybe I'm just projecting my own fears on to others, but I think I've always been afraid of...
  4. DrumsOfGrohl

    Did anyone notice what iOS 9.3 did to Apple Music?

    Sorry for making that headline a little "click-bait-y," but I noticed that when I tried rating a song with stars, I kept getting booted to the Album that the song appears. Turns out rating songs in Apple Music is a little different now. Instead of tapping on the Song/Album title in the Now...
  5. DrumsOfGrohl

    Review: The EasyAcc Universal Multi Device Organizer Stand

    When I got this (for free, in exchange for an honest review), I assumed I'd have no use for it. I only have an iPhone (which I usually keep in my pocket, or on my desk), and an iPad Mini (stays on my desk). I found myself using this stand WAY more than I thought I would. I'm not going to get...
  6. DrumsOfGrohl

    iPhone SE: 16GB or 64GB?

    Which are you leaning towards? Do you go for price or for storage space? Do you find yourself wishing for a 32GB option? Or 128GB? For reference, the 16GB iPhone SE will cost $399, and the 64GB iPhone SE will run you $499. I think on the new phone, 16GB will fill up REALLY quick, especially...
  7. DrumsOfGrohl

    Will you upgrade to the iPhone SE?

    I have an iPhone 6, and have no interest in upgrading to the SE. I would imagine its a fantastic upgrade from people still holding on to the 5S. If you're thinking about the SE, which phone would you be upgrading from?
  8. DrumsOfGrohl

    New Apple Watch Bands!

    You can get Apple Watch with the new woven Apple Watch band for only $299! This new Spring lineup of nylon bands comes in four different colors: vibrant pink, blue, orange and black.
  9. DrumsOfGrohl Review of the iClever Foldable Wireless Keyboard

    The staff at received some products to review, and I volunteered to review this portable bluetooth keyboard made by iClever. What follows is my own personal opinion, keeping in mind that I received this product in exchange for a review, so price will not be a factor in my...
  10. DrumsOfGrohl

    Cool article from Bloomberg on Apple's Chief Chipmaker

    A little over a year ago, Apple had a problem: The iPad Pro was behind schedule. Elements of the hardware, software, and accompanying stylus weren’t going to be ready for a release in the spring. Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook and his top lieutenants had to delay the unveiling until the fall...
  11. DrumsOfGrohl

    The Instagram Update we've all been Waiting For

    Finally, after rumors and slow roll outs, Instagram has released an update to its popular iOS app that lets users easily switch between accounts. The app now supports up to 5 different accounts as of version 7.15 of the Instagram app. Previously, the only way to use separate accounts was to...
  12. DrumsOfGrohl

    iOS 9.2.1 Has Been Released to the Public Today

    iOS 9.2.1 was just released today, and it's the first update to iOS 9.2. The last iPhone update was last month, which is how long iOS9.2.1 has been in the testing phase. There had been three beta versions of this update that were given to developers and beta testers. You can download this...
  13. DrumsOfGrohl

    What level in Candy Crush are you on?

    I play Soda Saga, and I'm on level 463 (I've been on it for 2 weeks, and cant pass it!!!!!)
  14. DrumsOfGrohl

    What is the single best thing you like about your iPhone?

    This isn't to suggest that everything else isn't good, but honestly, my favorite thing about my iPhone is Article View ;). I might argue that really my favorite thing is reading articles, but Article View makes me so happy every time I use it. What's yours?
  15. DrumsOfGrohl

    Anyone else getting a Rash from the Apple Watch?

    I saw this today, and I'm wondering if anyone else has any issues with the band? The Apple Watch is causing rashes on people's wrists | In short:
  16. DrumsOfGrohl

    Which apps do you use for NEWS?

    I find myself using the new NEWS tab in the Spotlight search screen every once in a while. But its more like I'll click it if I happen to be on that page, rather than when I want to get the latest news. Often times I'll just open Google and search for news. I use one News specific app, but...
  17. DrumsOfGrohl

    I downloaded Pocket Beta

    I don't really notice any difference. Does anyone else use Pocket? Is there something in the new Beta version that supposed to make me want to use it more than the original Pocket app?
  18. DrumsOfGrohl

    Issue with Messages app not syncing with Mac

    I'm having issues with my messages not all showing up on my phone or my Mac. I have the latest iOS installed, and I first noticed it a few days ago. When I opened the Messages app on my Mac, I saw an unread text message that never showed up on my phone. I even responded to it and received...
  19. DrumsOfGrohl

    Music or Podcasts

    I've recently increased my daily commute to work to somewhere between 40 minutes (to work) and an hour (from work). As a result, I've steadily increased my consumption of podcasts. I do miss listening to the amount of music I used to do, but I've become a podcast addict. Do you use Music or...
  20. DrumsOfGrohl

    What's the fastest way to send a photo?

    If I take a photo and want to message it to someone, what's the quickest way to do this? I have 2 ways I commonly use, but I'm not sure which is faster. I guess I'm also curious which way other people do it, regardless of speed. 1) Go to Photos, select the photo, tap Share, tap message...