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  1. itSs.bObO

    I Really Need help :(

    So all my packages in cydia they are all gone how can I get it back Plz help.
  2. itSs.bObO

    Widgets for Iphone 5

    i've been searched on google but cant find any....anybody know?.....
  3. itSs.bObO

    upgrading is that hard? from 501 to 511?............

    well guys..i dont know if its hard to do it or not so thats why im asking...i've saved the shsh...any steps?
  4. itSs.bObO

    From IP5 to IP4s

    i dont know about the others but i love my 4s so much that i willing to trade my 5 for the 4s...the 5 is good but i dont like the looks and longer and nothing special about the 5 .... plus i can do more tweaks on the 4s 5.1.1 but ios6 didnt have much tweaks on the ios6 i tried on the 4 so i...
  5. itSs.bObO

    what if i broke my iphone 4s factory unlocked

    so heres the thing..if i was broke my phone but i got it from and didnt buy any insurance...can i still replaced or what..anybody in here have any ideas hows it work?
  6. itSs.bObO

    Need Some Help!

    i got a iphone 3g and i want to updating to 4.2 but im scared the bb will changed or not..if its changed can i still unlock the phone?
  7. itSs.bObO

    Just One Question :)

    so if i was updating from 4.3.5 to 5.0.1 would my baseband change or not?..thanks for helping :)
  8. itSs.bObO

    Waiting on my Iphone 4s :)

    hi i just purchased an iPhone 4s 32gb factory unlocked from so excited lol from Iphone 4 jailbroken to the 4s :) it said 1-2 weeks to ship im like damnnn why its so long lol....i just can wait :)
  9. itSs.bObO

    Wife's Pink Iphone 4

    here is the picture...
  10. itSs.bObO

    check out my TRANSPARENT iphone 4 :)

    what you guys think about this?
  11. itSs.bObO


    hello guys n girls...i was looking for some help about my iphone 4 and the google took me here so i joined here hoping i can learning some more stuff about the iphone heres my simple iphone 4 =)