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  1. paranoia

    Top 5 Missing iPhone 5S Features

    I have the IPhone 5s and I think the points by skull were right on the point.
  2. paranoia

    Ringtones for iphone 4

    I still use phonezoo on my Iphone 4,just saved to my pc then synced to my Iphone through Itunes
  3. paranoia

    AT&T is selling refurbished iPhone4

    In the ATT stores or online also on the ATT website.
  4. paranoia


    not even for the antenna and sensor issues, I thought they might do a fix quietly on the newer manufactured ones. thank you for the reply.
  5. paranoia

    Att haters topic... Uprise!

    I live in Maine and have great reception, I would not go to Verizon if they come out with a Iphone , I am very satisfied with ATT.
  6. paranoia


    hey my name is Mark, I am new here and have had a Iphone for about 2.5 years now but I hope it doesn't matter but I have not bought my Iphone 4 yet, because waiting for any little kinks to be worked out, not because of ATT I have good sucess with ATT. But am already prepared to purchase as soon...