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    iPhone 4 and Bose Bluetooth headset

    Bought the Bose headset for my wife, the reviews said you could listen to music, just would not be sterio. We got the headset today, voice is very clear, but we have not been able to figure out how to make music play throught the headset. Any ideas?
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    I applied a different ringtone to my wifes contact info, so when she calls it rings different. It still rings with the default phone ringtone, even though it shows the other one is active. Any ideas?
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    Moved from US Cellular to AT&T iPhone4

    I have been on US Cellular since the 80's when cell phones first came available. USCC has always lagged a year behind everyone else on new phones, but it was the only service that worked in my area. We were part of the 3% of AT&T that was NOT covered, but that changed about a month ago. My wifes...