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  1. xrayeyes


    I've had the new iPhone 12 for two months now. Previously had the iPhone 8. Can I say how much I hate the swipe from the bottom? I miss my home button. I know I've been told I'll get used to it, but how long will it take? :(
  2. xrayeyes


    I know this is iPhone forum, but this is an iOS update issue and hoping someone can help before I screw up my iPad. I just updated to the latest iOS. I never put a passcode on my iPad. It would not let me get past that part of the set up after the update. I probably shouldn't have done...
  3. xrayeyes

    Siri and Outback BT since iOS13

    Long shot..does anyone else have an Outback and having issues with Siri through the BT controls since the update? It is getting beyond irritating. I've posted over at the Outback forums, but no response. She cuts me off before I can even speak, or cuts me off midsentence when dictating...
  4. xrayeyes

    Love the Apple watch 5

    I received the 4 as a gift last year. I was very thankful and liked it a lot, but the ONE feature I wish it had was "always on". Well, here we are and I now own the Watch 5 with always on. I love it! And it has great battery life. I still have 76% after 8 hours. I sold the 4, so...
  5. xrayeyes

    Getting rid of Unicorn "frequently used" emojis

    I don't like nor use the new unicorn emojis and they are first on my emoji keyboard as "frequently used" I tried Keyboard reset, but that isn't working...nothing resets. Not even my text replacement phrases. I searched Apply support communities and there are several complaints with the same...
  6. xrayeyes

    Stand alone cellular service for Watch only

    May be a crazy question, but we'll see if anyone knows. I may have to call Verizon. I want to get the Apple watch 5 cellular version. Anyone know if it can be set up with it's own service plan? I currently have my iPhone on a business plan and don't think they will allow me to add...
  7. xrayeyes

    iPhone 6 not charging well

    I gave my husband my old iPhone 6 last year after I got my 8. He's pretty rough on things, works outside. He's had trouble charging it and from what I can tell it's the port on the phone. It doesn't make that nice "click" when the lightening adapter is engaged in the port. I've tried...
  8. xrayeyes

    Aggevated more than ever with iTunes

    Knowing I was supposed to receive my new iPhone 8 today, I backed up my older iPhone 6 to iTunes on my Mac. Before I did that I deleted a bunch of apps taking up space but had little needed data. Also cleaned up pics and messages, etc. I DID realize the other day that the new iTunes upgrade...
  9. xrayeyes

    Dual Band Router

    Which band will an iPhone 6 connect to if a dual band router is available? Here's the situation. My dad is in an assisted living facility with internet service available. Of course, I do not have access to the router or their IT department. I am trying to set up a Harmony Hub and it...
  10. xrayeyes

    Reduced battery life in iOS 9

    Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't been around but have just been snowed under with job and family life! Anyways, I'm usually the first to discount battery issues after a new iOS upgrade due to the usual suspects. However, this is the first time in my four years and three phones of having battery...
  11. xrayeyes

    Verizon Voice Mail

    Years ago before I had my iPhone, I had set up my Verizon voice mail to be very simple. I used the "personal options" setting to take off the crap part of the message like "press 5 to leave a call back number", etc. When I call in and listen to my messages, I do NOT want to listen to the...
  12. xrayeyes

    Best retail store to shop for cases

    I'm one of those "touchy/feely" type people ;) and need to see a case up close to decide on how it's going to work for me. I have a Casemate on my new iPhone 6 right now, but it's too slick and I've already dropped my phone twice. In all the previous years of owning an iPhone, I had never...
  13. xrayeyes

    Apple will no longer unlock most iPhones, iPads for Police "Apple said Wednesday night that it is making it impossible for the company to turn over data from...
  14. xrayeyes

    Possible Apple iCloud breach

    Apple 'actively investigating' celebrity photo leaks for possible iCloud connection "Apple on Monday confirmed in a short statement that it is in the process of determining whether or not security breaches in its online services were responsible for the outing of hundreds of racy photos of...
  15. xrayeyes

    Battery Usage by App in iOS8

    Reported new feature in iOS8. I can only imagine the threads that will be created by this! :D "Battery usage by app Current versions of iOS let you see how much storage space each app you have installed takes up and how long you’ve used your phone since its last charge. iOS 8 promises to...
  16. xrayeyes

    iPhones Frozen by Hackers

    "Owners of iPhones and iPads have been targeted by a hacker who is freezing iOS devices and demanding a ransom of up to £55 to unlock them. The majority of the attacks have taken place in Australia although there are also reports of Britons being affected". ........ iPhones frozen...
  17. xrayeyes

    The NSA Reportedly Has Total Access To The Apple iPhone

    Reports today of NSA complete access to iPhones. Did Apple know, did Apple help? The NSA Reportedly Has Total Access To The Apple iPhone - Forbes
  18. xrayeyes

    Blank or "jibberish" text field

    I have one friend that is getting either blank or jibberish text fields from me. She is the only one I have this issue with. The "jibberish" texts I am attributing to emoticons, so I won't use them with her anymore. But just now she got a blank text from me, which has happened before...
  19. xrayeyes

    Battery life fantastic!

    I took my new 5s off the charger this morning at 6am and it's still at 81% 12 hours later! Granted, I don't use my phone much at work, but to compare it to my 4 under the same conditions---it would have been at 50% or lower by now.
  20. xrayeyes

    Screen less responsive with iOS&

    Another IPF member posted they were having issues with answering the phone with the swipe since upgrading. I have noticed that not only do I have that issue, but that my screen seems less responsive since the upgrade on my iPhone4. Has anyone else noticed this? The title of my thread...