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  1. Crxx

    Galaxy Note II

    Does anyone have one of the galaxy note 2 units? I have the Ip5 and also have an upgrade available. Just lookin for some opinions from users that have them and what the experience is like.
  2. Crxx

    Galaxy Note II

  3. Crxx

    Importing music to itunes

    I have a portable hard drive with my music collection stored on it. My question is how do I go about importing the music into iTunes without having to put it on disc first? Is this possible?
  4. Crxx

    language app

    Does anyone know of an app that translates what you say in a different language? For instance if I say something in English.... It repeats it in Spanish. I found a paid app, but was lookin for a free one...
  5. Crxx


    I had some viruses on my laptop that were causing slow speed and other issues. Had the laptop cleaned up and reset. I had to reinstall iTunes. All my music and movies that I had purchased were gone as well as all the pictures that I had on my laptop. Not really concerned with the pics, and...
  6. Crxx

    Weather app

    For some reason the temperatures in my weather app are all wrong. Is there a way to reset them? Any info will be great, thanks.
  7. Crxx

    Virtual home button

    On the be Iphone 5 there I'll be "virtual home button". Can someone shed some light on this?
  8. Crxx

    Hello everyone!!

    I'm new to the forum. Ive been an iPhone user since the 3Gs came out. I've upgraded each year to the 4, and currently the 4s. I'm patiently waiting for the iO6 update as well as the new iPhone. Hope to learn more about apple devices