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  1. gary.stricklandjr

    Bluetooth transfer to anyone..

    There is an app called Bump. Im not sure if you can transfer anything to your computer. But I know you can between phones on the same wifi network. Hope this helps!
  2. gary.stricklandjr

    New guy here!

    Welcome from North Carolina!
  3. gary.stricklandjr

    iPhone 4, iOS5 = signal problems?

    I had the same problem, but I am with Verizon and of course its CDMA. But apple had to replace my phone. And I still have problems so if anyone knows a fix let me know. but they are supposed to be working on this issue on Verizon side and apples standpoint on the issue. Right now I'm requesting...
  4. gary.stricklandjr

    New guy here!

    Thanks for all the welcomes guys!
  5. gary.stricklandjr

    At&t or Verizon

    I've had Verizon for years. Just like everyone else said check your coverage. But do remember both carriers charge you if you go over on your data! That will get you if your not careful.
  6. gary.stricklandjr

    Bumper or no bumper - that is the question…

    I have tried the bumper. I don't like the extra bulk on the phone. I have a whole body film protector that doesn't take away from the awesome look of the phone!
  7. gary.stricklandjr

    From Android to iPhone

    Welcome from Charlotte NC!
  8. gary.stricklandjr

    How do I get rid of Google Voicemail and go back to Verizons Voicemail?

    I had the same thing happen to me I had to call Verizon and they can disable Google voice and re activate your Verizon voice mail. They told me its a glitch that happens every now and then with Cdma carriers. Hope this helps.
  9. gary.stricklandjr

    iOS 5 jailbreak

    Hey guys new here and this will be my first Jailbreak. Please do not post external links! Read the rules.
  10. gary.stricklandjr

    New guy here!

    Hi guys new to the forum. Just signed up today. Also a fresh apple user so if you have any hints/tricks hit me up! My current device is Iphone 4 16Gb. Ios 5!