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  1. juceebug

    Tough Cases... Does anyone have one?

    I have the Otterbox's bulky but it does what I need it to do, protect my phone
  2. juceebug

    Battry problem still there on ios 5.0.1( public release)

    You may need a replacement
  3. juceebug

    Has Anyone Successfully Installed 5.0.1 OTA?

    I problems😊
  4. juceebug

    Step by step instructions

  5. juceebug

    Step by step instructions

    Are there step-by-step instructions for customized ringtones?
  6. juceebug

    Any Sprint users here?

    Yes, it was worth the wait!
  7. juceebug

    Sprint I phone 4S Slow?

    Mine isn't slow, I also have the EVO and my iPhone 4s (Sprint) is faster than my EVO
  8. juceebug

    Otter box defender

    I noticed it didn't seem to be in the right spit also....thanks for the info
  9. juceebug

    Addicted to apple products.

    My iPhone 4s is my first Apple product, and I'm in love .... Getting an iPad 2 for Christmas....woohoo😄
  10. juceebug

    Iphone4 im glad i got it....

    Glad I got mine too....I still have my EVO
  11. juceebug

    Loving my new IPHONE

    Thanks for all the welcoming comments
  12. juceebug

    Favorite Apps

    What are your favorite apps?
  13. juceebug

    Loving my new IPHONE

    Hello Everyone.... I am 1 day "in" with my new IPHONE, and love it already. I have been a Blackberry user for more years than I can count, and an Android user for over a year. I always wanted an IPHONE, but didn't care for the carriers that offered needless to say I'm so excited that...