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    Light leak on 3GS: Need advice

    Last week my local ATT Dealer had two new 3GS in sealed boxes. I upgraded my 3G with the 3GS. Two days ago I now noticed a small amount of light leaking from the lower left corner between the phone case and the black strip that contains the Phone Mail Safari and iPod buttons. I didn't...
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    Mophie Juice Pack Plus Rattle

    I just received my Juice Pack Plus and the the internal batteries move from side to side as in rattle or shake. To those of you who use one, do your batteries move from side to side also? bc
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    Hello from Indiana

    Hello to everyone. I found this Forum by searching YouTube for Screen Protectors for my iPhones. I own a 3G and a 4G iPhone. I am a retire Civil Engineer. I don't use my phone for business like I use to, I use my iPhones to surf the Internet and to play games. I'll add to my introduction...