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  1. krissibex

    Profiles? Like BB Had

    I did jailbreak about 2 weeks ago LOL its awesome .. I cant believe I was not wanting to before. this is the best!
  2. krissibex

    Tonefx Not Overriding

    For lite you have to make and add the tones from your computer but with Pro it lets you use the ringtones you already have on the phone. Maybe it makes you make and add them all again with lite, not sure.
  3. krissibex

    Silence Ringtone/Sound After Picked Up

    No they are just 10 secs. But I figured out you have to hit the volume buttons so I'm good. Thanks -iPhone TapaTalk-
  4. krissibex

    News Apps on the Ipnone4

    I have fox news and CNN and all that. They are all free in the app store and you have the option to have them pop up with breaking news. Works great -iPhone TapaTalk-
  5. krissibex

    Best case?

    I got the otterbox commuter and I love it. Although I dont keep it in my pocket .. Us ladies have purses for this but it's great. I got a few other including that Monsta case and they are all fun but I still go back to my otterbox most often -iPhone TapaTalk-
  6. krissibex

    Silence Ringtone/Sound After Picked Up

    Is there a cydia app that silences the SMS tones and mail once you pick up the phone? It continues to ring past when you've unlocked the phone and are typing. -iPhone TapaTalk-
  7. krissibex


    Did the icon not pop up on your springboard? I really recommend buying the 2.0 version. It's so so so worth it
  8. krissibex

    Tonefx Not Overriding

    Ok you rock!!!! That worked perfectly and 2.0 is even better and worth the $. Thank you so much!! I had about given up I so was annoyed -iPhone TapaTalk-
  9. krissibex

    Tonefx Not Overriding

    I finally jailbroke my phone and installed tonefx and it worked great but after installing iRealsms the text sound from tonefx isn't overriding the standard SMS tone. Everything else works fine but that. I reinstalled tonefx and everything. Can anyone help? -iPhone TapaTalk-
  10. krissibex

    AT&T cracks down on tethering cheaters

    I just saw this online and came here to check to see what people were saying. My phone isnt jailbroken and I dont have AT&T thank god but wow .. this seems like its going to upset a lot of people
  11. krissibex

    Car audio - Motorola Motorokr T505 Bluetooth?

    Just wanted to come back and give this a review after using it for a few weeks and it rocks! I am very very very impressed. It's very easy to use, the audio through the actual speaker on the device as well as the option to have audio through your car radio is very very clear both for calls with...
  12. krissibex

    Is Blackberry better then iPhone?

    I was a long time BB user and I loved it like the day was long but I switched to the iPhone as soon as Verizon got it. To be honest there are a lot of things that BB has that iPhone doesnt, unless you jailbreak it and i'm just not ready to do that. But these things really really pale in...
  13. krissibex

    What to do if you have to leave your phone in the car?

    How annoying!! Do they have lockers or anything in her office where you can keep personal items that are not allowed in the building? She needs to take her phone with her to and from work, that's just a safety thing now-a-days and surely they'd have somewhere for employees to safely put items...
  14. krissibex

    Bon Jovi Blames Steve Jobs For Destroying The Magic

    I'm sorry but I'm so thankful I can now pick and choose songs to get from itunes and not get stuck buying an entire album which consists of like 5-10 songs that are just plain crappy and were shoved on there as stuffers. Or tracks of Eminem's voicemails LOL .. thank good for itunes pick and buy!!
  15. krissibex

    Camera/ upload to Facebook app

    I was a former BB user too and it irked me at first that I couldn't take a pic and upload it right from that screen but it's actually not that bad to go to FB and do it from there. You get used to it. There's this camera plus pro you can download that let's u do it but I've gotten used to not...
  16. krissibex

    In need of a case

    I love love love the otterbox commuter. It's not bulky but it's the only case I feel like I can really have without having to treat my iPhone like a newborn baby -iPhone TapaTalk-
  17. krissibex

    Car audio - Motorola Motorokr T505 Bluetooth?

    Like built into it? Nope :( -iPhone TapaTalk-
  18. krissibex


    They have to be in m4r format instead of m4a. I downloaded a free converter and it worked like a charm. I cant remember the name of the converter I used off hand (its at work and i'm at home) but if you google you'll find one.
  19. krissibex

    Car audio - Motorola Motorokr T505 Bluetooth?

    Motorola Motorokr T505 Bluetooth What do people think about this? Does anyone have it? Seems to get good reviews online. I mainly want it for the FM transimtter purposes but the bluetooth calling is a great bonus that I will for sure use. Anyone one else have this or recommend a better one?
  20. krissibex

    Profiles? Like BB Had

    Thanks for the tips. I assume I will eventually jailbreak it, its good to hear about the pros and the cons about it. We'll see. thanks again :)