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  1. Jkbane

    DUZiGN iPhone 5 case

    DUZiGN caught my attention almost right off the bat. I honestly did not have too high of expectation just by judging the book by its cover. I am a fan of slim cases. I do not like bulk at all, even if the case is quote/unquote “durable, industrial or heavy duty.” DUZiGN in my opinion...
  2. Jkbane

    DBAcases Ultra Complete Case

    I’ve got a pretty cool case to take a look at for the iPhone 5. It is the Ultra case made by DBAcases. The Ultra is also available for the Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3. A couple fun facts is that the materials used are made from the same materials used in bullet proof glass and the canopy...
  3. Jkbane

    DBAcases Thin Grip case

    DBAcases Thin Grip case for the iPhone 5 is a good option for anyone looking for a unique snap on polycarbonate case. What makes this case stand out from the rest is in the details. The polycarbonate is made from a unique mixture that is actually from the same material from bullet proof glass...
  4. Jkbane

    Elago S5 Outfit MATRIX

    Elago has a new case in the iPhone 5 lineup the Outfit MATRIX Case! The MATRIX compliments your iPhone 5 with an elegant design. Not only does it look good, it protects. Made of two materials of polycarbonate and aluminum the MATRIX will withstand drops, bumps and scratches. There is a wide...
  5. Jkbane

    Elago Flex Case for the iPhone 5

    The Elago Flex Case for the iPhone 5 is designed to fit the iPhone 5 perfectly. It is made of a durable thermoplastic polyurethane material and has access to all buttons and ports. The tech the material is made of will help reduce oil, dust and direct attraction. The packaging includes a HD...
  6. Jkbane

    Slimmest Most Durable Case?

    Anyone know of a nice slim but durable case? I have a Commuter Series Otterbox at the moment, but I really like slimmer cases. Catch is I have a 2 year old and she like to use the phone at times. I feel more comfortable with the otterbox, but I wish it was slimmer.
  7. Jkbane

    Rocketfish Mobile Hard Shell Case

    Rocketfish Mobile offers a Hard Shell Case in Black for the iPhone 5. There are a few more colors to choose from such as white and yellow. The black in my opinion looks good with the all black iPhone 5. PROS: The material is made from a hard plastic which is designed for durability. The case...