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    iPhone 5 on Verion or AT&T ?

    I live in Phoenix AZ and trying to decide which carrier to stay with. I like Verizon's service where I live etc. but really like the fact that I can surf and talk on the net only with AT&T. I guess I am just wanting to know everyone's feedback between the two carriers. Feels like being on...
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    White iPhone 4 having a screen has a yellow tint ?

    Does anybody on here personally have this problem with the white iPhone 4 ? The screen having a yellow tint to it compared to the black one? thanks
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    Need some convincing to stay..looking to switch to the Droid X

    Hello all I recently got the iPhone 4 last month and my 30 day buyers remorse period is about to come to an end, well I just want to some good convincing to stay with the iPhone 4 and not get the Droid X.. Reasoning is because I am not to fond of at&t service I get dropped calls and have no...
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    How to catergorize your picture when uploading to Facebook?

    I have tried and tried and have not found a way to have my photos that I upload to Facebook go to certain Albums. Is there a way to change this so my photos go to the Album I want, instead of the standard mobile uploads? Thanks in advance! :photos: