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    What are you doing right NOW??? ;)

    My iPad Pro is not showing that 14.3 is available yet as of now.
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    iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Question

    No warning as it is trying to reboot with the rotating gear until the battery dies.
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    iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Question

    While recharging my 11 Max Pro, it gets hot and goes into a hard reset that doesn’t stop until I remove the charger and cools down. Has anyone else had this problem?
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    To fix or not to fix...

    I looked up the trade in value of my 7 on Apple and they are offering $200 for a working iPhone in good condition. At another 3rd party, the cash value was $160.
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    Long Delay in Entering Location for Appointments

    Anyone else having problems with typing in a location that only allows one letter at a time to be typed in?