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    Text notification ????? Hit and Miss

    I have been to three shops (one being a "Mac" shop) trying to find out why I am being notified by vibration only when receiving a text message..... They have checked all my settings and cannot find anything amiss !!!!! Sometimes it will give me the tone and sometimes it won't..and when it won't...
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    Similar to "Sports Tracker"

    Hi I am an avid walker and cyclist, and currently I am using "Sports Tracker" as my software of choice so far.......I am coming from the Blackberry World and do not know too much about iphone apps. What are my choices and what are you guys using ? Appreciate any advice given Ron
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    Confused about icloud !!! Please help

    Hi I have an iphone 6s Plus and my wife has an iphone 6 Plus.... I was successful in creating an apple id for both of us. I was also successful in using itunes to load songs on both phones..... But I am really unsuccessful in trying to load some photos to my wifes phone..... We both have...
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    Ear Buds ?

    My old old ear buds worked well on my old phone ( not an iphone ), when I was out for a walk listening to my tunes and when the phone rang, i would hit the button and it would answer the phone... Not so with iphone !!!! I am not surprised so I am on the quest for new ear buds...... I am...
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    Looking for a Tute on itunes ...

    Can someone direct me to a good tutorial on using itunes ? Also, is it possible for me to make a new Playlist on the iphone 6 only ? Meaning to say , not using itunes , just using the Phone.. Ron
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    Email, Phone ....

    Hi I was just out for a Bike ride listening to the ear buds plugged into the phone...... If I get an email , will it notify me that I had just received an email.......... If I get a phone call, will I be notified ? Thanks Ron
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    What Mail App are you Using ?

    What Mail App are you using to get instant notice when receiving email ? Thanks Ron
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    Struggling with Notification Sounds ...

    Hi I am struggling trying to change the Notification sound for emails.............I get into settings and think that I have done all the settings correctly but obviously I am doing something wrong . Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!! I hate this getting old thing. I think that tomorrow I will go to the...
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    Change the 4 icons at bottom of Home Screen

    Is it possible to change "Phone", "Safari", "Messages" and "Music" to "Phone", "Mail", "Messages" and "Music" ?
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    Phone will not ring !!!

    Hi Newbie here.... My daughter just gave me her iphone 6 plus....... I cannot get the ringer to work when receiving a call.... vibrate yes but no ringer YIKES !!!!!
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    Receiving a iphone 6 Plus

    Hi Can someone advise me the first thing to do when I receive my iphone 6 Plus..... Is it possible to put it back to original state ? Thanks Ron
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    Need help from the "Garu's" :-)

    Hi I have a iphone 4 that I wish to resurrect from the Tech drawer. I only wish to connect to my wifi and used exclusively for "Facetime"..... Is this possible ? I also have a Macbook Air and I am having problems with iphone 4 connectivity of icloud . Please advise Ron