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  1. J

    iPhone 5 cases

    lol i have so many cases too...i just bought this brushed aluminum one (Brushed Aluminum Case for iPhone 4 / 5 | Case Papa). Looks so sexy :D
  2. J

    Bottle Opener Case

    I just picked up this cool beer bottler opener case for my i5. Only $15 :D
  3. J

    From note 2 to iphone 5

    a friend of mine did the same thing (well because she lost her note2), and she said the iphone screen just feels too small now
  4. J

    Screen protector or no?

    just use a screen protector so your mind can be at ease :)
  5. J

    Is This The iPhone 5S ?

    ah this looks ugly, i hope it's not the 5S :S
  6. J

    Wish list for the iPhone 5S' hardware

    Bigger screen, external SD support, and better battery life!!
  7. J

    Spigen Neo Hybrid EX Slim Metal Review.

    damn, that's a sexy bumper :D
  8. J

    Iphone 5 or iphone 5s?

    if you're looking for a deal, you will probably be able to get the 4s for next to nothing when/if the 5s comes out. the 4s is still super nice phone that can probably do as much as anyone would want.
  9. J

    Spigen Neo Hybrid EX Slim Metal Review.

    that's a beauty...but $32 is a bit too pricy for a bumper case IMO
  10. J

    Charging Cases?

    Wow, that's pretty cool. I think I'll get one!