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    Any tricks or tips for using Siri to get directions to addresses is a nearby town?

    I have been trying to use Siri to get directions to addresses in other nearby towns and I am having lot of problems with poor response. If I ask for directions to 700 Something Street in Town 1 while I am currently inside of Town 1, it works most of the time. However, if I ask for directions to...
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    Stop Exchange Activesyc mail from being marked as read on iPhoine 4?

    I'd like to preview mail on the iPhone, but not have the mail messages automatically marked as read on the iPhone. I don't want messages marked as read until I open them on my computer or unless I specifically manually mark them as read on the iPhone. Is there some way to configure the iPhone to...
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    Emailed photos always named "photo.jpg"

    Is there some way to make the iPhone name the e-mailed photos with an incrementally increasing number or else date and time etc or other label so each photo has a different file name when they are emailed? Even an app to do this if Apple never thought that having all photos sent from the phone...
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    Where is the data use monitor on IOS5?

    In ios4, it was easy to find and reset it at the end of the month. On IOS5, I can't find it anywhere in the settings. Google search about this only brings up people complaining about high data use on iOS5 without saying how they are actually monitoring their use. There are apps that do this...
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    Too easy to accidently delete email messages

    That trash icon can easily be accidentally touched by your thumb and then your email message is instantly gone before you can do anything about it with no confirmation. Is there any way around this by either moving that delete message icon off that screen or setting a confirmation prompt?
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    Need to turn off loud touch tone dialing sounds

    I already tried turning down the volume with the volume buttons and I can still hear the tones beeping too loudly when dialing numbers. I need this silenced. Where is the setting to turn it off?
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    Were Verizon iPhone GPS Problems Ever Fixed?

    I just ordered an iPhone 4 that I should get in a day or two. After I submitted the order, I found some old threads from a few months ago saying the GPS is not stable enough for turn by turn navigation in a moving car without frequent loss of GPS tracking signal. I don't have any GPS signal...