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    is there anywhere here i can place an apple product for sale?

    I was just curious if theres anywhere specific I can post a for sale ad for an appletv i have. Im really trying to avoid ebay right now because of the hassle.
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    iphone 5 signal unstable and earpod issue

    im just curious, does everyones signal like fluctuate? because at home my razr maxx would have 4-5 bars and my ip5 goes from 1-4 bars off and on, and this is again on verizon.... my download speeds arent even close to my razrs either... its still fast, but a bit worrysome. anyone else...
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    new to iOS and looking for a game like word hero for android

    IIRC we arent supposed to link, but im not really sure how else to explain the game im looking for Word hero basically a less competitive scramble with friends?
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    (Help)Things to know for an iOS newbie coming from ice cream sandwich

    Is there anything i should know about coming from android and moving to iOS, like tips tricks etc?
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    semi new to iphone (Android user looking to convert to iPhone 5)

    Hi guys, Nick from pittsburgh, pa here, background: Im 23 and a former mechanic with an associates degree, and working on a degree in IT and network administration. Ive never really been a fan of apple products because of how "limited" they seem to be hardware wise, and to an extent the OS...