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  1. ro861

    October colors

  2. ro861

    iphone backup problems

    Someone I meet on another iphone forum ask me a question: If he reinstalled iTunes on his computer, all backups made on his laptop are lost? Could you help me with an answer?
  3. ro861


    Could anybody tell me if Iphone X is compatible with eSIM? If not, what's the explanation? Thx.
  4. ro861

    Photos with the 6s

    Train entering in station, by night Made with my 6s ( not +). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. ro861

    New member

    Hello people!, I'm new on this forum, and recently Iphone user. I hope to learn some new deals of IGadgets and to contribuite with my own experience to the common experience. See you on the forum!