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    All Alerts mute Car Audio while using Bluetooth

    Hi, All alerts are causing my car audio to mute when using Bluetooth BluLogic in my Toyota Tacoma. I want incoming calls to mute the audio, but not all alerts for email, calendar etc. I get a lot of work mail and it's not practical to interrupt the audio every few minutes. I have a new...
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    Introductory Post - new Member

    Hello, I am a new member. Purchased an iPhone4 this past week. Upgrade from a Blackberry Curve 8330. Work in IT, in the US happy to be here
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    all alerts mute my audio when using bluetooth

    new to iPhone4 When using my Bluetooth BluLogic in my Toyota Tacoma, all and any alerts (not just incoming calls) mute my audio. I get a lot of mail due to work, so it is very annoying I want it to mute for an incoming call, but nothing else, no email, calendar, text etc. My old Crackberry...