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    iphone 4 help

    Hi got a new Iphone 4 (4.1,Baseband 02.10.04) Locked onto Vodafone network. Im on T-mobiles so waiting for the 4.1 unlock. Activated the iphone using vodafone sim (pay as so go) and when i went into setting to see what network and carrier it was it said VODAFONE. JailBroke it using redsnow...
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    pdf patch

    Hi everyone. New to Iphone4. On 4.1, jailbroken it but cant install pdf patch from Cydia to unlock the phone, saying requested modifications canot be applied die to required dependanceies. Any help.
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    iphone 4 help

    cant get pass emergency call. iphone4 came all sealed. Cant get it activate through itunes, it says sim card not supported. Took it to apple store to try and get it activated, was told that it was on the vodafone network, but im on T-mobile. Cant get pass emergency call page so therefore cant...