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    Old iPhone

    Tracfone lets you use the 4 and the 4s in their plans now. We bought two Refurbished 4's ,wanted 4s's but they were twice the price. Will probably buy two 4s's when the price drops some.
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    Stop long text notification sound

    Pick a different text tone?
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    iPhone 4 behavior

    I previously told my MIL about JAs reset. It cured a number of problems for her. She thinks I'm a genius! LOL
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    Iphone 4 voice mail password

    JA to the rescue again! Yes had it before. However it is is on my wife's Tracfone, mine worked. A miracle did happen after I set her password, shut down and restarted the phone, went and did a call to her own phone and it goes directly to voice mail, put in her password and it worked. Did the...
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    Iphone 4 voice mail password

    When I go to set up a password for voice mail in settings I input a 4 digit the it asks to renter. Re-enter and push done and it just sits there saying saving password and have to hit the home button to get out of there. Can't pick up my voice mail because I don't have a password. What do I have...
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    iphone 6 or 6+?

    He he, I just got an iPhone 4 and am extremely happy. When they come out with the 9 or 10 I'll pick up one of your 6's refurbished. LOL
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    What iPhone App did you download today?

    A few weeks ago I down loaded Pocket. Great for saving U tube And other videos. Find e'm on the phone, watch e'm on the iPad
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    Pass code entrance on an iPhone?

    Wow! That would be a lot of damage! Guess that's a no brainer. Thanks JA and Sci.
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    Pass code entrance on an iPhone?

    New to the iPhone 4, yes I know it's obsolete. I do my finances on my iPad and lap top so I have those pass code protected on entrance. How important is it to pass code my iPhone? It's on the same iCloud program as my other stuff. Could it be attacked or harmed if I loose my phone. It's a PITA...
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    Transmitted Pix Resolution Problem ?

    Just did a test. The 4 is much better with outdoor natural light shots.
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    Transmitted Pix Resolution Problem ?

    I just got into the iPhone myself. Old iPhone 4 because it's can now be used on Tracfone network. I thought it's 5 mp camera would be superior to my Android 3 mp camera. Can't see where it any better for inside shots, maybe better for outside shots. Probably should have went with the 4s, 8 mp...
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    iPhone 4 Siri

    Guess I should have looked for an S, much more expensive. My up grade from my cheap android VTE had it. Used it a lot. Oh well the iPhone is superior in other ways. Thanks
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    iPhone 4 Siri

    just bought this phone for BYOP on Tracphone. iPhone 4 is on iOS7.1.2. It has no microphone for Siri on the keyboard. Went to settings/general but there is no Siri listed to turn off or on. Manual says there is. What's up. Thanks.