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  1. A is Having an iPhone 6 Accessories from Amazon Contest!

    I recently saw a leaked photo of iphone6 (a lot of those floating around, but this one looked legitimate) and It looked fabulous. I think I'm going to wait a while and get the impressions from other people first. :)
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    How many songs can I put with this space of storage

    It depends upon the size of the songs. You can probably store some 200-300 songs in there.
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    Screen protector or no?

    You should be scared. I have let my phone slip from my hands on numerous occasions and every time that happened, I thought that I had a firm grip on my phone. accidents are inevitable and phone's screens are bound to get scratched even if we are really careful with it. You should probably...
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    Actual iPhone 6 Photos leaked from TMZ

    The front part looks cool but the back looks mediocre. Hope It looks better in another color (if its the real iphone 6)
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    Best iPhone 5/5s Cases?

    I'm not going to get cases for my iphone , I love the white and gold look of my iphone 5s. But someone posted about privtail on this forum (not this thread) they had some cool cases. I installed a tempered glass from Gearmaxx on my iphone 5s though. Been a few weeks and I'm really happy with the...
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    Which is the better case for an iPhone 4S? A Soft Case or A Hard Cases?

    I usually put on a screen protector and leave my iphone as it is because I hate it when I use a case and it doesn't fit inside my pockets. I think you should go for a hard case, considering your history of breaking phones. But go for a thin one; that way you won't have to worry about the bulk...
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    What is the problem?????

    Have you tried deleting the application and installing it again? Tiresome, I know but it works most of the time.
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    IPhone 4S factory locked

    Go to settings, tap "general" then tap "about" and scroll down to see the ios version. And I don't know about the jailbreak, I have a factory locked iphone 4 and I don't think I will unlock it.