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    Looking for a App that turns off Wifi while at work hours and turns on after

    When i turn it off at work i forget to turn it back on a lot of times at home and when out. Looking for something that i can set the time it shuts it off, then turns it back on. Any App out there like this anyone knows about? Also still trying to figure out how to turn off or get rid of the...
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    Who bought there iphone 4s for cash?

    I bought a White Sprint 4s 32g off craigslist last week new in the box. Paid $600 for it.
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    Good iPhone insurance company?

    I went with Best Buys $15 bucks a month with no deductable. I plan on getting the i5 when it comes out so this works for me for peace of mind. You don't need to buy your phone there to get it, i bought mine off craigslist.
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    What color iphone 4s do you prefer?

    I went white 32g 4s, have a white iPad 2 also and love them both. I had a White reveal case on it that got dirty within 5 days and looked terrible, now i roll with the white naked and i love it. Looks great.
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    Apple iPhone4S vs. LG Esteem Android (4G LTE network). Which one should I chose ?

    I have had Sprint for awhile and i like them a lot. I had the HTC Hero, HTC Evo, then HTC Evo 3D. I just switched last week to a iPhone 4s 32g on Sprint. I love it so far, and as far as the bill goes i get 20% off my Sprint bill so i pay $73.06 with tax monthly for unlimited everything but calls...
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    I Hate 4s

    How do i turn off the stock streaming function? Its something i will never use. Thanks
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    I Hate 4s

    Where do i turn off the Stock stuff on the phone? Also what does the iTunes ping do?
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    Can I?

    Don't listen to the negative people. This is not a bad thing at all, it helps people that don't have a upgrade because they can get the phone cheaper then retail, and you can make some money if you are not planning on upgrading in the next 2 years. This is how i got my Sprint 4s 32g white phone...
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    Looking for Car holder for iPhone 4s for use with navigation

    Anyone use a vent clip one that is decent? I have a tinted windshield so rather not stick it to that and would like it a bit closer.
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    Screen protectors

    Ah ya that makes sense, and i guess i would trade putting a screen protector on for living 2 blocks from the beach =).
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    I bought the Reveal white case from best buy. After 5 days of use it looked like crap already, and returned it to get my 30 bucks back. Since then i have just gone naked. I have the warranty from best buy, worst case scenario if something truely tragic happens i will turn in a claim on it. 15...
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    Looking for Car holder for iPhone 4s for use with navigation

    Hi, Any good vent clips or holders you guys use for the iPhone 4/4s? I am using my 4s with no case but would like to mount it in something while driving. Thinking about buying the Tom Tom navi software tonight. Thanks for the help
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    Screen protectors

    I hate the feel of screen protectors, anyone else? My last 3 phones i have not used one, and have had zero scratchs on the glass. My Evo, Evo 3D and now my 4s are all naked, the plastic feeling just takes a lot away. Do people have a lot of issues scratching there glass? I just keep my phone in...
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    Price for upgrading iPhone 4 to 4S

    I bought a 4s 32g White new in the box for sprint for $600, sold my iPod 4th gen 32g for $200 and my Evo 3D for $225 on craigslist. I can live with upgrading for $175 with no early upgrade option. I like craiglist because there are no paypal fee's or ebay fee's or worry of chargebacks. I have...
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    New iPhone user getting 4s today, question on best thing case

    Picked up my phone. Got a 32g from Craigslist new in the box for $600. Not to bad of a deal since I have a Evo 3d and 4th gen iPod to sell. I got a white reveal case at best buy I like it with its clear back. Also tossed on best buys warranty for 15 bucks a month.
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    New iPhone user getting 4s today, question on best thing case

    Thanks, for the reply. Other gorilla glass phones i have had, i have never had a issue. Mainly looking for a thin case to protect the corners on the phone, but the thinner the better.
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    New iPhone user getting 4s today, question on best thing case

    Hi, Finally out of the Android world. Getting a 32g White 4s for sprint today. Prior i have had a HTC Hero, Evo, Evo 3D. I have never used a case on those or screen protector and have had no scratchs. How is the screen for scratchs? I had the feel of flim on the glass. Whats a good thing wrap...