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    iPhone 3GS restarting itself

    Sorry for long reply as I do not have a iPhone 4S I am not sure if this is a new feature with the new OS so I stroungly advise that you bring your phone to iPhone for a replacement becouse if it restarts when it's got no signal then it has to be a hardware problem restarting like this is never a...
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    iPhone 3GS restarting itself

    Thanks for telling me this am not sure of this problem and not sure if this is a hardware problem since u say it works fine at home and other places right? So I sucspect that maybe there is a interferance with your phone and maybe something else in your class room sorry this is very confusing...
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    plz help

    Have you tryed to just restore ur device? You can't really downgrade from a unoffical firmware am not sure how to restore try Itunes Restore mode then try DFU Mode if none works to get ur phone restored then I can't help sorry but don't give up keep looking for help ok :)
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    Sorry I don't think there is a downgrade option sorry
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    Hi just got a little problem

    Well I have a iPhone 2g yes I know it's old but that's not the point my problem have been happening for mounths now my iPhone would lose connection to my linksys wifi router at a random time like now lol forcing me to close the app am using go to settings and connect to wifi again it's annoying...
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    missing photos

    Am guessing you might of fixed this ur self by now if not resync your iPhone with iTunes to restore them
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    Iphone2g issue

    Try repluging the headset on and remove them your phone thinks there still plugef in I had this problem to also try restarting the iPhone but I pull of the head phone fixed it for me and no upgrading ur device is never the solution lol
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    iPhone 3GS restarting itself

    It looks like it might be a bug or a new feature in IOS 5 but to make sure go to the same room with ur iPhone but put ur iPhone air plane mode if it does not restart on it's own then it means ur phone is failing to find signal so it will restart but if it does restart after doing this go to...
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    iphone 3gs stuck in recovery mode

    You should provide more detail also if it's stuck in recovery mode it might be bricked like mine was 2 new ipod touch wont boot or even restore but your best bet is to exchange it at the apple store or try restoring it and see if it works if not it's maybe a factory fault and u will need to get...