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    bumper charging problem

    Yes. And I tried a couple of different stock apple chargers I have lying around (We have three iPhones in our household) and none worked. They all did exactly the same thing.
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    bumper charging problem

    Yes, I got the black one. The maddening part is that apple refused to do anything about it when I called them. Now THAT's bad. I just hacked away at it with an exacto knife. Maybe this will suffice.
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    bumper charging problem

    I got my new bumper from the case program. Looks great, but I can't charge my phone with it on. It prevents the cable from making a solid connection. It beeps once, but doesn't stay connected. Very disappointing. A product design failure if you ask me.
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    Got my new bumper

    Has anyone had any problems charging their phone with the bumpers? I got the free bumpers through the case program and it keeps my cords staying connected to charge. It beeps like it's connected, but does not charge. Upon further inspection, the battery icon on the phone shows that it is not...