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    If your Iphone gets wet..

    I have a solutions which I tried: 1. Shake your phone to try to get rid of as much water as possibe 2. Then stick the phone, battery socket facing down in a bowl of uncooked rice. 3. Leave it out in the sun for a few hours and then.... You will have a working phone. This really happened...
  2. J

    Which song are you listening to on your Iphone right now!!

    club cant handle me right now...
  3. J

    Twitter or Facebook?

    Which app do you have on your Iphone?
  4. J

    Iphone 4 or Iphone 3?

    Which do you think is more stylish? For me : I phone 3 Functionlaity : I phone 4
  5. J

    Why did the snake cross the road?

    It wanted to sssssssssssee the other side!
  6. J

    What are your thoughts on the Wiki Leaks scandal?

    Umm..freedom of speech or invasion of privacy?
  7. J

    Iphone - Best app you would recommend..

    I would recommend ABC Tracelite for those with little children. Especially when travelling!
  8. J

    Buying iPhone 4 from Hong Kong

    Yes, be very clear about fakes and duplicate parts..just be careful..
  9. J

    If you worked for Apple...

    What would you introduce to the world?
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    I want an Iphone 4

    I have heard that the Iphone 4 has an excellent feature; that is the camera and the video capability.